The company is a collaborating partner in the "Excellent Engineer Program" established by the Jilin Provincial Department of Education and a pilot unit for the national "Integration of Informatization and Industrialization" initiative.

The company was established in 2005 and is located at No. 20 Xiqinglong Road, Taobei District, Baicheng City, Jilin Province. It has a registered capital of 26 million yuan, 261 employees, total assets of 165 million yuan, annual sales revenue of over 100 million yuan, and a profit and tax of over 5 million yuan. The company has the right to engage in foreign trade, with a bank credit rating of A+. It is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and an innovative technology enterprise in Jilin Province. The company has a provincial-level "Jilin Province Baicheng Fujia Technology Co., Ltd. Academician Workstation," with Academician Ye Shenghua of the Chinese Academy of Engineering as the core, a provincial-level enterprise technology center, and a provincial-level research and development and testing engineering technology research center for electrical machinery. It is established as a "Local University 'Undergraduate Teaching Project' University Student Extracurricular Practice Education Base" by the Ministry of Education and is a collaborating partner in the "Excellent Engineer Program" established by the Jilin Provincial Department of Education. It is also designated as a national "Integration of Informatization and Industrialization" pilot unit by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The company covers an area of 75,000 square meters with a building area of 31,000 square meters. It possesses more than 620 various types of equipment and instruments, including 42 sets of research and testing equipment. The company has a total of 82 engineering and technical staff, including 14 with senior professional titles. There are 31 full-time research and development personnel, among them, 1 is a senior expert in Jilin Province, 1 is a national-level review expert, 1 is a part-time professor in universities, and 3 are guest professors.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "Respecting Technology, Embracing Quality, and Shared Success," and has established a comprehensive quality assurance system. It has obtained multiple certifications for quality management systems.

The company prioritizes technological innovation and quality improvement. In the past five years, it has completed and undertaken over 10 provincial-level and above scientific projects, including major scientific and technological projects like Jilin Province's "Double Ten Project." The company has developed more than 15 key new products, with a new product output value rate exceeding 60%. Additionally, it has enhanced and transformed 8 existing products, adopting 4 new technologies and processes. These efforts have resulted in significant economic and social benefits. The company currently holds 17 valid patents, including 4 invention patents.

The company is a leading domestic manufacturer of high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage cable production equipment. Its technology is domestically advanced in the field, with some technologies reaching international advanced levels. The company's products hold over 50% of the domestic market share and are exported to 19 countries and regions, including the United States, Brazil, and Ukraine.

To enhance the company's international operational capabilities and promote its growth, with approval from the Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce, the company has registered and established an overseas wholly-owned subsidiary named "HeiHai Technology Corporation" in Houston, USA.

(Black Sea Technology, Inc.), the company has also registered and established "Pampas Europe SPRL" in Liège, Belgium. This subsidiary serves as the sales platform and window for our company and products in the European and American regions, contributing significantly to promoting high-end Chinese equipment overseas. We have actively introduced advanced new products and technologies from European and American countries and engaged in international exchanges, further enhancing our global presence.


17 years of experience in handicraft production, mature process production technology, strong company culture

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